Wednesday, February 24, 2010

more for mom i think

so gram irene is back from the hospital she didnt have stroke like everyone thought she did it ended up that she fell and broke her arm and was in shock from doing so theres just too much going on this week we have 4 clam digs 1 oyster pick 1 dig is for making money and the rest and pick is for the stan purser memorial powwow also happening the same time as grammas although friday night we have a coastal jam and thats when tribes from all over come and drum and sing then saturday i will wake up at 8 am and start the fires for the clam bake and the salmon bake come out for gammas thing just to leave to make it back for grand entrance that consists of all the native vets and the tribal royalty and theres the color guard and a host drum that usually plays for them when they come in its a really neat experience that maybe everyone can come some other time although during the summer there a bunch of powwows all over that maybe if anyone is interested can come to

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