Tuesday, February 16, 2010

first time ever

so here it is my first blog ever so with that being said i will say everything will run together i dont really like punctuation or paragraphs really so but the reason for this post or blog was to respond to what cori had said about grandma with all the memories of growing up what i remember about her would have to be this
*mom would go to work and id get to go to either gma and gpa dovres or lockes most often than not it would be the lockes
*i can remember having sleep overs at gmas when gpa would go to work we would come and sleep in the bed bcuz gma never ever ever slept in a bed it was always the couch she would use a couch until she wore it out and get a new one
*i too remember the candy which was everywhere and if we werent there she would come to us and always have candy on her in her purse
*when we would go to our ward at church and before their ward started we would run in and say hello to her but more so bcuz we knew she had a small stockpile of skittles in her purse
*i remember her very red bathroom that smelled of lava soap
*i can remember when me and roger,chris,dennis,and mike would jump on our bikes and ride them all the way down to gmas for something to do on a hot summer day only to have roger and dennis leave and uncle dick would come pick the rest of us up
i feel so fortunate to have a gma such as her she was very loving and never forgot any of us
i am very glad she was able to go so quickly yet peacefully at the same time ...i already miss her

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  1. She was a great grandma. I didn't go to work, but I did go to school, and that's when you stayed with her.