Thursday, May 27, 2010

the whales

so i guess the orca whales are back in the bay in silverdale and bremerton which is pretty neat but i was told that they arent the ones that eat salmon they go after all the harbor seal anyways i thought it was pretty neat and was sharing

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

my update

well i havent been on in awhile so i thought id give a small update as to what is going on been doing canoe practice lately because the time is coming up fast and with that on june 2nd we meet on the other side of the hood canal bridge and we will pick up the special olympics torch and paddle it across the other side which will be awesome then on the 10th a bunch of UW stundents will come and get to try pulling in the canoe for the first time so the skipper had asked me to come help them the wedding is on the 26th for those of you who didnt know im working on getting in to make appointments for the tuxes theres just a lot of things to do and such little time it seems

Saturday, May 15, 2010


like the title says i moved this morning i woke up and went outside and could smell that ocean water/air smell where its kinda salty seaweed type smell anyways i love that smell makes david jealous every time i talk to him about it because i got the water and he has the pool he feels cheated for some reason anyways now that im back on track i moved from beckys moms house to one of her aunties house theres more room and i feel like i have a lot more freedom

Monday, May 10, 2010


had canoe practice today it was fun although i was stuck on the right side so my left lower back is cramping up but next Saturday ill jump on the left to even that out but it was a good practice we had about 15 people show up so it gave the opportunity to go out twice hence the hurting back but there was fish jumping out of the water all over and one lone seal kept following the canoe both times which was pretty neat

Close up of back


Beckys dress front

Saturday, May 8, 2010


so they person that usually take the canoe out went to hawaii for 10 days so she asked this guy to take it out except whenever its time to go he cancels so he wont have to which i think is bad bcuz we all need to be conditioned for july when we take our journey by canoe up to neah bay i really dislike this guy he has canceled over 8 times even on really good days like this

Monday, May 3, 2010

juicing machine

a couple months ago penny bought something called the juicer express and the magic bullet people made it so it sat in the back for a very long time so yesterday i got it out and started juicing now i have been deemed juice master and was woken up to make juice for everyone so they could start their days right by actually consuming something healthy in the morning so far ive made a few concoctions involving apples and grapefruit very sour but sweet at the same time i made one another with carrots strawberries and pineapple called the granny boost its very good anyways if anyone has any ideas for something good let me know

Saturday, May 1, 2010


becky went and got me new carving tools im excited to start using them

awesome morning

today i had canoe practice with the most perfect conditions ever the water was like glass and very calm it was overcast but not raining not too hot but not too cold just right we saw a lot of blue herons some seals a bald eagle we pulled from the point all the way to the hood canal bridge and by the time we got back and got the canoe onto the trailer the black clouds and ugly weather came but didnt do anything it just passed right over us which was nice