Sunday, July 25, 2010


so i havent really been on here too much but i thought id give an update with my busy summer life on july 13th we hosted 33 canoes for the start of our journey to the makah territory the 14th i pulled from little boston which is our beach all the way to port townsend the 15th water was way too rough and 2 canoes flipped and lost their crews and the tana stobs snapped a line and got lost ( pronounced stobes ) few hours later the tana stobs was found flipped over floating and was retrieved coast guard made everyone else turn around and trailer the canoes to jamestown which is in sequim the 16th the water was doing between 8-10 ft swells and the wind was 25-30 mph the coast guard again shattered the canoe families spirits the 17th was worse than the 16th everyone of the canoes on the american side had to trailor their canoes to elwha which is in port angeles although the canadiens had perfect weather 53 canadien canoes landed at hollywood beach the 18th we were supposed to pull to pillar point which would be the last stop before neah bay but once again the weather wasnt permitting so me and becky and her family went home the next day it was as calm as ever and i missed the landing at the makah but i did go back for protocol on friday and just got back lastnight now today becky was oyster picking and she fell over and hit her head on the oyster beds and had a seizure from being dehydrated now she is sore and has hundreds of tiny cuts all over her back and face :( poor becky and our summer just gets busier more powwows to come the next one is in puyallup and the one after that is in neah bay


  1. So sorry to hear about Becky's accident. I hope she feels better soon.

  2. Tell Becky we love her! Take good care of her!