Thursday, April 22, 2010


so today we went to childrens because chris was having surgery 3 different things done poor kid anyways i left the hospital at 1245 to get to the 130 ferry in edmonds thinking i barely made it the dumb ferry broke down but they wouldnt tell us anything we just sat there and waited so then the wsf said you will be on the late 220 ferry which was ok but had to have someone at home to pick up delbert off the bus i needed to hurry but was going nowhere fast the dumbest thing about the edmonds ferry is that there is a set of railroad tracks right in front of the terminal so the late 220 ferry turned into the 2 trains later 3 o'clock ferry im soo tired but i get to go back on the 835pm ferry yay (sarcasm) just to turn around to head back on the 1035pm ferry....$100 later

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