Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the powwow

so another success of the 25th annual stan purser memorial powwow i worked from about 930am to midnight from the prep to the clean up and am still totally exhausted i picked up a whole new sense of leadership as the purser clan had to attend to their mother who is more or less like grandma locke well at the point where she was i prepared the fires for both the clam and salmon bake they had to go for about 3 hours then cooked the salmon and others put the oysters clam and crab together i helped crack the seafood shell open to serve the masses and at about 730 pm took over the overall powwow with the help of beckys sister to make sure that it went smoothly until about 1030pm i was so busy that i completely lost track of time and unfortunately wasnt able to make it to grandma lockes memorial but it will always be there and ill be able to visit anytime

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